Accreditation from DEQAC will enliven your college or organization’s profile and verify that it meets high standards of edification, welfare and first-class practice. This accreditation reconfirms the scholars as well as the agents that your institution is a perfect pick and that you will offer them specialized teaching, helpful education, and an optimistic leaning experience.

DEQAC accreditation is not just-the-once procedure and it is not merely about regulating instructive bodies. We are keen to developing dynamic and enduring relations with colleges or universities and always working with them to guarantee constant, unfailing quality over the long term.

Now, you might have a question - why should you choose us? Here are a few reasons:

  • We assist you with setting up successful in-house auditing and assessment systems.
  • Also, we assist you with developing appropriate quality control certification.
  • Give suggestions on how you can boost and maintain the standards of management at your college or organization.
  • Provide you with a helping hand to attain global acknowledgment for awards.
  • Assist you in signing up with applicable global networks.
  • Access to 200+ certified agents in across the world.
  • Online details on every phase of student enrollment, which is updated on a regular basis.
  • Effective guidance on agent agreements and access to sample accords.
  • Support with your globalization strategy.
  • Getting accreditation will add to your profile for the global academia rankings.