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With the budding market today there are numerous global learning institutions that look for employing the scholars. But immoral deeds of several of these institutions make it complicated for scholars to identify their authentic & honest image – especially, when it comes to quality, resources, and student support, etc. This is where Distance Education Quality Assurance Commission (DEQAC) greatly comes into play.

Here, accreditation through DEQAC provides a helping hand to the scholars and parents in order to make a more clued-up choice. In addition, this also assists the educational bodies & universities show to the marketplace that they maintain a top-quality status.

At DEQAC, our main focus is on what scholars experience and learn. With an international reputation, professionals at DEQAC come from business, university circles, and government as well. They invest both their important time and effort to maintain quality assurance behavior of the officials, board members, and consultants.

In addition, we are able to identify the critical need for a strong and clear approach to make certain that universities, to the best of their ability, merely employ legitimate and suitably skilled scholars. Also, we ensure that the institutions provide the best possible learning experience, so the scholars get their utmost academic potential.

Our global accreditation to organizations serve as secondary accreditation, improve the entity’s local authorization and gives guarantee to stakeholder that the program, guidelines, and procedures of the organization will match the global standards of quality.


“The mission of DEQAC is to establish, preserve and promote the finest quality standards worldwide by acting as a catalyst for information, training and networking to educational institutes, professionals, students & corporations.”



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