Accreditation Services

The DEQAC accreditation procedure is carried out by our different accreditation commissions that set standards for universities, organizations, scholars and professionals. Our accreditation gives assertion that an institution meets the international standards of quality for which that institution prepares graduates to enjoy a better career.

Our Accreditation Adds Importance

An accreditation by DEQAC is evidence that a university or colleges has met standards that are necessary to make graduates all set to enter the industries of their choice. What is more? Graduates from DEQAC-credited institutions have a strong educational base and are able to learn with advancement and for the interests & safety needs of public.

Our accreditation for distance learning institutions includes 4 simple steps. These are:

Step#1: Having a talk with DEQAC and submitting the application form & credentials

Step#2: Checking the credentials with approvals to accreditation committee

Step#3: Onsite assessment

Step#4: Final decision made by accreditation committee

The accreditation charges will depend on the below mentioned issues:

  • The number of scholars attending the college for full-time learning.
  • Time or say the number of days needed for the assessment.
  • Whether it is for the first time that college is applying for accreditation with DEQAC or it is a second application.
  • Whether or not the university or the organization has already been certified by a different agency.