Profit Organization Membership

Profit Organization Membership

Profit organizations that want to avail themselves of DEQAC membership are required to fill a membership application form that then will be reviewed. After that the organization will be called regarding their DEQAC membership application result.

Member Eligibility Requisites:

In order to become & remain a member of the DEQAC board, you as a profit organization must:

  • Be voted by the current board members
  • Keep up accreditation, if relevant
  • Hold on to a rule of nondiscrimination
  • Use or support the use of one or more events by DEQAC

Profit Organization Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to 5 individual memberships
  • Organization logo and city name on our website
  • Access to write 2 E-news alerts regarding your organization to our membership
  • E-delivery of news alerts together with newsletters on a weekly basis
  • Money off for each & every event organized by DEQAC
  • Discounts for all products & services of DEQAC

The membership dues are $2000.00 at present and it remains for only one year. To enjoy the membership benefits you need to renew it yearly.)

Documents Required:-

  • Passport copy of Owner
  • Company License /Company Documents
  • Current CV
  • 2 Reference
  • 1 Pp size pic