Individual Membership

Individual Membership

The existing members of DEQAC’s individual membership keenly have faith in playing a role for scholars, organizations, and individuals. To that end, an important part of being acknowledged for and upholding membership in the DEQAC board is the vow to a rule of nondiscrimination. Each and every member follows and keeps up with our policies & practices that declare students get impartial access to quality learning, financial aid, and ongoing admission.

Here Are the Key Benefits of Our Individual Membership

  • Access to our printed journal on weekly basis
  • Get hold of electronic news alerts together with weekly newsletter
  • Enjoy money off for each sponsored event at DEQAC
  • Enjoy discounts available on products as well as services by DEQAC

At present, the price for DEQAC individual membership is $225.00 and this membership is just for one year, and needs to be renewed after that.

Documents Required:-

  • Passport copy
  • Current CV
  • 2 Reference
  • 1 Pp size pic